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Next program starts May 2nd.

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This course is for you if....

  • You have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning

  • You're relying on coffee or other stimulants for energy

  • You often feel short-tempered, impatient

  • You're easily irritated by other people

  • Poor eating habits

  • Discomfort with your body

  • Lack of interest in sex or low sex drive

  • You regularly feel "so busy" and overwhelmed

  • Lack of motivation to go after your dreams

  • You wonder if this is what life is "supposed to be like"

What to Expect

  • The Promise

    You can feel better. I will bring you into a community of people who want the same thing - a vibrant life - and who support you in realizing yours. A forum free of distractions and an accountability partner that you can stand with when others may not be able to support your change.

  • The Path

    This is the science of habit change coupled with the radical path of cooperation with your highest Self. You can let go of willpower and instead lean into a dynamic group and the wisdom of Yoga. Support will be in the form of a book detailing the habits, worksheets, videos, a recorded weekly yoga class, recorded meditations, and one on one laser coaching.

  • The Potential

    A light strong body, clear mind, and loving heart. An energized, relaxed attitude. Deeper connections with your people, meaningful conversations and a vision of your life that has purpose. An undercurrent of joy that is palpable. Thrive.

Pricing options

Option to pay with a one-time payment or over 3 months.